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Tiny Picture Lady founder Carol Greenberg has been a pioneer in the fields of interactive multimedia and user interface design.

Early multimedia NBC
Carol was chief Art Director at one of the earliest large-scale consumer interactive multimedia projects -- The San Francisco Chronicle's Bay Area Teleguide -- in the mid '80s. In 1988, she formed Presentation Works, a computer design firm which created multimedia presentations for companies like PG&E, Hewlett-Packard and advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding.

The first on-line graphical user interface
aol In 1989, Presentation Works was selected to be on the development team for America Online -- the first on-line service to use a graphical user interface. Carol designed all of the icons for AOL's launch as well as for its first 7 years of existence. The Palm user interface Presentation Works also helped design the user interface for Palm Computing's wildly successful Palm Pilot -- creating the unit's hardware and software icons and its text and graphics input pads. Palm Computing named Carol's firm a Key Strategic Partner for Palm Development.


internetEarly web presence
Presentation Works designed and coded web sites for some of the earliest web startups. More recently, the firm has been involved in helping industry leaders like Nikon Precision Inc. and Korbel Inc. establish a presence on the web.

pg&eAn e-learning innovator
Carol has designed elearning programs for PG&E, Sol Habitat and has taught game design for teenagers throughout Sonoma County, CA. She holds aMaster's Degree in Education, specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning.