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iphone app icons NearSpace

An iPhone application with icons designed in Adobe PhotoShop. The balance lies in creating something fresh while leveraging images that are commonly used and understood.

Palm PDA icons Palm

Before smartphones, Palm introduced the world to PDAs and portable computing. These new devices redefined the user interface -- that space between the user and the computer. These icons needed to be quickly understood, work in one color and establish a brand.

medical icons Philips Medical

Medical applications have made the leap to interfaces that appeal to sophisticated users. For Philips Medical, these icons were created to convey positive energy, brightness and an appeal that makes the user want to click them.

Honeywell icons and splash screen
medical icons
Intuit icons
medical icons
Educational icons
educational icons
medical icons Finesse Solutons

These icons were created in Blend, a Microsoft authoring application that combines XAML, WPF and C# to design and code user interfaces. The challenge was to take a Windows 3.0 interface and transform it into a user experience that would appeal to an 'iPhone' audience.


We've created thousands of icons. So we know there's more to successful icon design than meets the eye.

Concept, functionality and context, as well as multi-size, multi-platform and multi-device all drive deisgn. Not to mention creativity and, ironically, a touch of iconoclasm.